David Hopkins


Experienced leader of learning technology and instructional design. Managing the creative and technical design for modern learning needs.

"David's calm and thoughtful approach to all challenges is not only beneficial to his staff, but also exceptionally welcome as his line manager. I can always rely on him to accurately assess and deal with any situation. His staff appreciate his mentorship and the team has really pulled together since he started." - Claire Moscrop, 2023

"I can say with confidence David is ideally placed to develop digital strategy, aligning to that strategy organisational practice and product." - Mike Innes, 2023

"David is able to see the big picture through the innovative and visionary eyes of a technology expert, while at the same time, operate as a project manager with a keen awareness of the systematic detailed steps needed to bring the project to completion." - Jean Galiana, 2018

"David is a catalyst for change. His ability to connect people and concepts together to create new understanding is evidenced in his popular blog and book projects, and his prolific sharing on social media channels is of great benefit to the teaching community." - Steve Wheeler, 2018

"David has a strong reputation for innovation and educational technology. He has delivered a number of high calibre projects for a range of educational providers that push the boundaries of learning design presenting engaging content for learners globally." - Hannah Gore, 2018